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Ducks in a Row

I spent last weekend with my grandmother and one of my aunts who lives out of state. Grandma's house has always been a place of good memories, and the weekend heaped a few more onto the stack of good memories.

One in particular: my grandmother will thank the Lord all the time and for everything.

My mother is the same way. She talks to the Lord and thanks him all the time.

I wonder if moms do that because nobody else listens. I'm not trying to be funny; but really, nobody listens to Mom until they are in trouble and realize she was right all along.

But God is always up there, ready to hear our thanks, our prayers, our worries and concerns, and anything else we tell him. He's listening when nobody else is.


With the weather changes in our area lately, my almost non-existent allergies kicked up, and my face felt like it would explode off with every sneeze.

Every time I have trouble with allergies, which may be twice a year, I suddenly have a new appreciation for what others suffer year-round.


We went school shopping last night. School starts tomorrow. Eek!

On one hand, it seems ridiculous to cut the summer so short; on the other hand, I'll be so glad for some routine in our lives again.

I started off this summer with lists. Lists of routines for the otherwise spontaneously fun days that we were sure to have. Lists of fun things to do. Lists of house projects to do.

What happened with all those wonderful, beautiful lists? They evaporated with each passing week.

We did have fun, even though it rarely was according to a list. The children still had daily chores, sometimes executed and sometimes forgotten. We put off most of the house projects for another time.

Instead of bemoaning all the things we didn't do over the summer, I'm thankful for all we did get to do. Lots of swimming in the lake and at the pool. Spitting watermelon seeds off the deck. Walking. Florida and South Carolina sun and sand and shells, waves and dolphins. New foods. Family and friends. Cousins. Circus time (for real, not just the home circus). Elephant ears. Amusement parks. Tennis. Gymnastics. A family wedding. Boat rides. Tubing on the lake. Windows down and cruisin' in my mom-mobile.

The start of school feels like the start of a new year: fresh, full of opportunity, vibrant. It's a time to get a routine back in place; to clean up the house and actually have it stay that way for a portion of the day; to have evening fun instead of daytime fun; to pull out the crock pot again.

It's a time to put our ducks back in a row.


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