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Driving Over the Dam Road

Spring Break has been a bit of a disappointment for Kal and Kara, at least that is the way it seems.

We haven't gone to fabulous places. We haven't eaten fabulous, abnormal food. We haven't seen fabulous sights.

And I have a test coming up next week, so I've not been keen on anything that takes me away from studying--even cleaning. Yes, our house needs an un-tornado. I've done the bare minimum lately. And the kids' help still require lots of checking up on to see if they actually did what we said to do.

So did we have any fun at all?

Well, yes, but in an unconventional way.

Our entire family enjoys just going out for a drive to calm nerves and see the countryside. Last night, as we were taking some of their buddies home, the kids asked if we could keep driving around before returning home.

It was too late then, so they asked if we could take a sunrise drive the next morning. Strange idea, but I agreed to it.

This morning, at 5:00, Kara came in to wake up everyone. We packed up chocolate milk, much-needed coffee for me, Leo the bunny in his travel carrier, and blankets for a cozy ride for us, and set out at 5:23 a.m.

There's something peaceful about the early morning. Nobody was out except the deer.

And it was snowing. Yes, an April Fool's joke from God. It really was snowing.

We drove to the north part of the county, to the booming metropolis of Macy, IN, then onto SR 19 and north to Akron. Akron had normal town implements, you know, a Dollar General, a bank, and a gas station.

It also had an old guy breakfast place. I love seeing them out at 6:00 in the morning enjoying a gab and some coffee with each other. There's something comforting about that scene.

The start of sunrise

We headed back south on SR 19 and east on SR 16 to the next booming metropolis of Roann, IN, past the Stockdale Mill which is actually pretty cool to see in the daylight. As it was, the light was just starting to glow, and we could see the water flowing over the dam.

South on some road out of Roann and on the Old 24 that follows the Wabash River. Back into Peru for a quick donut run at Poppy's Extreme Donuts. They take their craft seriously. Biggest fritters ever.

Had to run back in for more chocolate milk. The originals the kids brought were long gone. The shop didn't have normal milk. Kal and Kara didn't cry at all at the prospect of more sugar. I cried, though. Just on the inside, not the outside. Payback later.

And baby wipes out before they were needed.

Back on the road to the Missessinewa Dam, across the Dam Road. That sounded funny telling it to Kris on the phone later. In Miami/Wabash counties, when we say we drove down the Dam Road, we actually can say it without meaning &@%$#!

The sun was just rising as we drove over the Dam Road, though the reservoir is low right now, showing quite a different topography than is normal. I didn't bother with a picture as it was rather anticlimactic.

With or without a fabulous sunrise over water, the drive and time with Kal and Kara--and Leo the bunny--was the best part of our day.

The second best part was the second cup of coffee.

Stretched out in the back, enjoying Bunny


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