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Done Beats Perfect

coffee cup
Coffee cup, gift from my sister :)

The coffee cup of the day is like the outfit of the day. It just has to feel right for the coffee to taste right.

Today's cup is a gift from one of my sisters. I think fondly of her every time I use it.

We're still percolating through the scary Yuban coffee, but I have a huge, beautiful, red can of Folger's Black Silk waiting for its turn.

Brush pile
Slowly clearing out the brush

The wind should be low enough today to allow for burning. We have piles of brush as we're cleaning up our wooded area. That's the family project for the day. My strapping 11-year-old will get a good workout with hauling brush and raking.

Kara doesn't have quite the muscle power as Kal, but she has something equally valuable, often more valuable, and that is keep-goingism. Endurance, persistence. Those words sound more scholarly. (Pushes glasses up off end of nose.)

Otherwise, I have a sewing project to get out the door today. Not masks.

Then there's the usual housework. I work better through the day if we've gone through the checklist of house sanity at the start: beds made, kitchen clean, laundry going, house tidy, bathrooms un-scuzzied.

Back to the woods: I was chopping out brush with a less-than-perfect tool that still did the job. Once I start in on that, I can't stop. (I really like yard work, and this house has given us ample opportunity for it. Our city lot in town just wasn't much work to maintain.)

I've said this before on another blog post, but perfect tool or not, I love just getting a job done. If I always waited for just the right tool or just the right circumstances, I'd not finish much of anything.

Done beats perfect almost every time.

Dining chair
Reupholstered chair. So glad this job is done!

P.S. I finished reupholstering all those dining chairs. Yet another case where done beats perfect. I'm so glad to have it done, even though my work wouldn't win any prizes for best of show.


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