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Don't Believe Everything on Facebook, and Having a Business Buddy

Facebook is pretty dumb, but it's good for a laugh sometimes. Have you seen the meme that says if you save one quarter every day for a year, you'll end up with $9125 at the end of the year?

It doesn't take a genius to see at a glance those numbers are off--by 99 years to be exact. Save $0.25 every day for 100 years, and you'll end up with $9125, assuming the fruit jar method of saving, and not accounting for leap years, so add $6.25.

Hopefully, you'll live long enough to do that.

I had a great visit with my sewing friend, Becky, today. She is me an hour away from me. She makes your wedding dress fit perfectly, stitching care and pride into her work. We meet about once a month to cheer each other on and compare notes on how our businesses are doing.

Having a buddy in the business really is a boon. We help each other get unstuck (pun intended--a business concerning pins and needles just has to say something corny like that). We cry with each other over frustrations. We rejoice together over the wins. Plus, we just like catching up on life and spending time together.

There's room for everyone in the marketplace. Instead of competing, we help each other out and become better at what we do, which serves our communities better.

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