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Doing Something Even When the End Goal is Unclear

Beginning with the end in mind. I hear that phrase from many sources in relation to running a business or achieving goals.

In the case of my yard, I don't quite know what the end goal is.

We bought our old house off my in-laws. The yard was perfect. Not one weed or stone out of place. All we had to do was maintain that, which was fairly easy on a city lot.

New house, new yard. Now we are starting at square one, except I don't really know what that square is. All I can see is a mess, I don't like the mess, and I'm not clear on a picture of what the yard should look like except NOT THIS!

We mow the mix of weeds, grass, and moss. The rest is dirt. We have 11 trees that need to be cut down for various reasons: too close to the house, overhanging the house, dead, and dying.

My yard is a blank slate once we get all that done, if you forget about the tangle of roots everywhere.

Without having a perfect vision of what I want in my yard, I'm starting by attacking what bothers me most: the mess in the woods.

Every neighbor walking by has commented on the clean-up we're doing. I'm hearing differing lengths of time about how long they've lived here, some 11 years, some 25 years, some 38.

Each one has said they've never seen this section cleaned up. We live on a corner with lots of people walking and biking. Drivers need to be able to see who is around the corner. That means keeping it all clear of brush.

So, even without knowing the exact end in mind, I am sure, from experience, that vision will become clear as I just do what I can see right now needs to be done.


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