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DIY Customer Support & Beard Trimmers?

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I have trouble keeping on the sunny side of life when I have to call customer support for anything.

IF I do get a real human on the other end of the phone, and IF I can even understand the dialect, all I can imagine is diabolical laughter whenever they put me on hold then come back to tell me to unplug it and insert the plug again.

Then I have to download apps and input the IP address in Settings and...

Hours later, and I don't have any real issues resolved, yet I'm being billed for help that never really happened.

In the end, I ordered a new router and had it running in 10 minutes. And I can laugh my own diabolical laughter now.


I accidentally tossed my keys in with the trash after having lunch with a friend at a local cafe. Then we spent five minutes looking for them inside and out before realizing they were in the trash.

Now they smell like French dressing. Not the worst thing that could happen. Dawn dish soap to the rescue.

I can't remember the last time I lost my keys.


Do you ever just get consumed with learning everything you can about some new interest? I do. I'm sure that's a huge shock to anyone who knows me. Um, not really. I read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, check out college courses on it...

I ordered about 8 new books on the current topic of interest. Learning is so much fun.


Play rehearsals are going well. The cast and crew are a wonderful, colorful bunch of people who laugh and sing easily, and aren't afraid to cry when life hurts. I feel alive around them.

Real-life names are still sketchy. I know the stage names for this new group of friends. If any of the group is reading this, please extend some grace if 5 years from now, I'm still calling you by your current stage name. It's the first info in my head and will stay prominent. So Sarah, Nathan, Adalaide, and Harry, I hope you like your names, because you're stuck with them--at least where I'm concerned.


Beard trimmers are showing up on my Amazon items to explore. If that's targeted marketing, I must be missing something major or they are. What part of me doesn't seem feminine to you guys?

Now on to the day, whatever it may bring. Definitely not any beard trimming.


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