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Did I Just Say That?

Did I just say that? And this is just in the past 10 minutes.

  • "Get that out of your nose!" Yes, I was in the middle of leaving a voicemail for my friend, and I actually had to tell a child, mid-voicemail, to take a foreign object out of his or her nose.

  • "You're wearing pants?" Said to one child who usually refuses to wear long pants in the winter. I'm not quite sure what prompted the sudden change today.

Honestly, today has been rough. Days like this spark all sorts of tears, doubts, and questions: Am I failing as a mother? Why can't I get any cooperation? Why can't we all speak life-giving words? Why was I such a great mother before I was a mother?

My friend, this morning, was talking about not taking everything so seriously. While there are definitely plenty of issues to take seriously, what she meant was not to be so uptight about childishness and the messes and silliness that come with children.

Her kids, and mine, are learning; they're growing up. They'll be fine. Why not laugh a little instead of hollering for the mess to be cleaned up?

On another note, here's Ginger Snap napping under our tree. It's her current favorite place to nap for the majority of the day.

Bunny napping under tree
Item #1 today: nap


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