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Creativity Happening: Let the Mess Begin

There's a designer hidden somewhere in my little girl. She has always draped herself and my mannequin with the fabric scraps I cut off of wedding and prom dresses from my alterations business. Those give her an endless selection of the prettiest fabrics imaginable.

Today's work is a bride, she said, after she had made this creation with her friend. Notice the bra-cup-and-button face. They both are quite creative, I must say.

What you don't see in the picture is the mess that came with this. We moved it to a clean part of the room to take a picture.

This reminds me of how my parents never stopped us from being creative, making messes (we did have to clean those up!), and dreaming up fabulous ideas. They just let us do it. We learned all sorts of hobbies and skills as a result of being allowed to follow those grand ideas we had.

Growing up, our thirteenth birthday was the special one that included a bigger gift than usual. I was dead set when my turn came that I wanted these beautiful dollhouse furniture sets.

What did I get? Some wood and tools. I was disappointed initially, but my dad had the foresight to see how much further I would get with dollhouse furniture by giving me the means to make my own.

He was right. I filled multiple dollhouses with my creations, and had a grand time doing it. That start he gave sparked years of enjoyment for me, all the while developing and honing skills I wouldn't have otherwise.

I'm amazed at my own children, and the creations they dream up and make, when I just step out of the way, ignore the mess being made, and let them create.


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