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Counting My Blessings, Not Complaints

We're all loving Daylight Savings Time here. The kids have adjusted perfectly. They hop into bed willingly at 8:30. They fall right to sleep with no trouble, and Kris and I have an hour or two to wind down before getting a healthy night of sleep.

That was all a daydream. I just spent two hours putting wide awake children to bed.

I feel rather grouchy right now, and I'm tempted to spend my 10 minutes of writing complaining about something. But that will do no good, and that's not who I want to be. Instead, I want to practice giving thanks instead of heck.

Obvious things I'm thankful for are my family and friends. They flavor life in such a way that each day with them is special even if it's punctuated with drama sometimes.

I'm also thankful for the material provisions that we have. We have a warm, dry place to live, plenty of food to eat, and clothes to wear. We have cars to ferry our hineys wherever we need to go.

Another thing I'm thankful for is the ability to think and work with my hands. I get tired to the point of exhaustion, but I thank God every day for the full use of my body.

I'm thankful for the five senses we have. Can you imagine life without taste, scent, touch, sound, or sight?

This short list is just a basic thankful list I run through fairly often. Repetition, in this case, shouldn't seem as if I take any of these items lightly. It is sincere thanks to the Creator for His provision in our lives.


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