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Cookies From Kara

Hopefully, the end of this ______ shutdown is in sight. I've used much of the time just to enjoy my children and to work on projects I normally can't do.

What's still waiting? A long list of anticipated projects. I thought I would accomplish to so much more.

We still have the rest of this week if Indiana's nannies say we can leave our homes on Friday. Maybe I'll still knock a few things off the list.

Baking has been a highlight for us while we've been home. Kara has become quite a baker. She developed her own cookie recipe months ago that she tried this past week.

She changed a few things on the fly, and probably will change one or two other parts if she makes it again, but it was a win to me.

The cookie was rather flat, but had great flavor, very similar to the flavor of a snicker doodle.

She has experimented with our normal chocolate chip cookie recipe by doubling the chocolate chips and adding enough sprinkles to line the path for a unicorn.

I have a bucket of plant starts from Mom to put in the ground tomorrow. I'm constantly amazed at her knowledge of flowers and plants. On a walk through the woods or anybody's yard, she could tell you what each plant is.

Also, I saw for the first time the movie about Mr. Rogers. If you need a feel-good movie, and want something uplifting to watch, this is it. I can't wait to see it again.

I hope we're not too scared to be each other's neighbor when this virus panic blows over, and we can have real interaction again.


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