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Clearing Out the Don't Wants

Somebody else's beautiful flowers

We have piles and shelves full of books all over our house. We all love to read.

I usually have a collection of various moods on my nightstand, and when I've had an especially hard day, a cartoon book is my favorite: Andy Capp, the Family Circus, Calvin and Hobbs, and The Far Side.

Andy Capp coming up after this writing.

Our yard looks as good as it can right now despite its many flaws. Kris and his buddy fixed the warped mower blade. Now all the weeds are the same level.

On the yard thought, I am having trouble coming up with an overall big picture for how I want it to look besides having real dirt, real grass, and trees that aren't scraping the house. Lacking a big picture doesn't mean there is absolutely no direction, though. I just start working on the don't wants.

As the don't wants get cleared out of the property, it's easier to see the possibilities.

Don't want this patio. Don't want scrubby brush all through the wood line. That looks untidy. Don't want these bushes. Don't want this mud patch.

Kris's Don't Want is an ugly fire pit. His Bat Pit makeover is a project for this summer.

The Bat Pit is the name of his favorite fire pit here. Since he calls the downstairs his Bat Cave, complete with 1989 Batman jun... schtuff, it follows that any object or area around here is prefaced with Bat.

Bat Mobile, and it's even black. Bat Rug. Bat Sofa. Bat Pencil. Bat Door. Going batty.

I draw the line with food. No Bat Soup, Bat Sandwiches, or Bat Chips around here.

Holy guacamole, Batman!


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