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Cleaning For Love

Cleaning bucket
Lovely bucket of unused cleaning products - Wix

My best cleaning tip is as follows:


I really do enjoy cleaning my home, but the endless nature of it becomes frustrating. At least I have a sparkly, clean shower, though, for all my efforts today.

No matter how many times I buy magic cleaners, they just don't come to life for me. Aren't the smiling, scrubbing bubbles supposed to do the work while I nap? (What is a nap?)

I'm guessing there will always be a human agent involved in the scrubbing at some level. Comet to the rescue. And it leaves a great chemical clean smell.

I love my Norwex cloths and lots of the Norwex products, but nothing smells as good as Pine Sol or Pledge. So, I will forever use a blend of both.

Part of my fun today was cleaning out the coat closet. I found that the birdseed we stored there in a covered bucket must have come from the store with some bonus pests. Anyway, it necessitated a thorough cleaning of that closet and all the contents, many of which I determined were not necessary to keep in the end.

The vacuum quit on me mid-clean. A cool-off and new bag fixed that problem. Guess I should check it more often. Once it was back in order, I vacuumed everything in sight just because.

We're seeing, once again, the value of Mr. Pest Control coming every quarter to spray. We LOVE him!

One more quick thought: my next best cleaning tip is to declutter, something I absolutely love to do. The less junk there is in a room, the easier it is to clean and to think. Decluttering is addictive; so hard to stop once I start.

Parting ways with sad, broken, useless, unloved, unwanted schtuff gives back so much more life than those things were taking.

More cleaning is in order after church tomorrow. Even though cleaning is a constant part of life, I do get much satisfaction and enjoyment in those brief moments I can step back and admire a job well done--all while the scent of lemony-fresh cleaner lingers in the air.

And it's one more way I can show love to my family and myself.


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