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Choir and Being Present

"I may be facing the impossible; I may be chasing after miracles..." That song is running in my head after a fun, FUN evening of singing with the community choir and our school choirs. Dr. Gornto pulls everything together in six short rehearsals. It's my favorite extra activity of the year.

We end each annual concert by singing John Rutter's The Lord Bless You and Keep You encircling the auditorium. It's a favorite of everyone there, enough to bring tears to people's eyes.

Kara sang in her school choir. She, of course, was the most beautiful girl there. She chose her dress and shoes at least a week ago. Just the right earrings are a must, too. And lotion. She smells like fruit and flowers all the time. Very girly. I love it.

On another thought: I intentionally left all my work at my shop today when I was done with the day--or it was done with me. Either way works.

I am practicing being present wherever I am and setting my other modes on standby. Easy to understand; hard to retrain my brain. Nothing good comes without some effort.


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