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Chickpeas Smell Like a Horse Barn

Chickpeas on the stove
Cooking chickpeas the old-fashioned way

I'm trying to make better food choices. You know, 1 slice of pizza, not 4; 1 cookie instead of a dozen; lots of fruits and vegetables.

To that end, I'm cooking chickpeas right now. The proper word is garbanzo beans.

Chickpeas smell like a horse barn while they're on the stove. Oh, well. I'll season them up in some yummy fashion and hopefully cover the horse barn smell.

I've noticed other beans also smell like barns when they are cooking.

That's as far as I'm going on this topic. I'm sure you can follow the thought to other conclusions, but I don't need to do it.

We have a new member in the family, a car member, that is. Have you noticed how many old Tahoes, Suburbans, and Silverados are on the road from the '90s and all through the model changes of the last 20+ years? They are good cars.

We love Tahoes, so we added another used one to our formerly one-car collection.

Kris has a work car, which makes it easier to limp along on only one family car, but it's nice to have the second family car now that the State Nannies have said we can leave our homes.

Speaking of leaving the house, it's so good to see people in real life again! Even though some still look like robbers with those masks on, I love seeing life rebounding from the quarantine.

The roads are full, people are out smiling (some under masks, if they can breath) and spending money.

This is just anecdotal, but I think spending money activates the same happy endorphins that exercise does. It just has a different consequence.

Donuts activate endorphins, too. I'm sure there's some scientific research somewhere on that.


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