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Car-Cleaning Day

Morning view from our deck

A post script in the fore position: Just imagine the birds chirping, and you'll have a great version of our morning on the deck. I thought this was a better picture to post than one of the dirty floorboards in our car.


8:05, and my entire family is up on a Saturday morning. The draw for the kids is early morning trampoline time, the draw for me is fresh air and the love of accomplishing work before noon. For Kris, I don't know. It's just odd.

On the list today are such jobs as clean the car, yard work with lots of subcategories, grocery shopping, and budgeting. Yay.

The car. Wow. My rule from the first day I had my first car at 17 years old was that everything that went into the car has to come out when we get home. You should see the eye rolls now when I rattle that off every time we roll into our driveway. The kids are sick of hearing it, but I have to say it. They aren't on auto-pilot yet for some of the tidiness habits we're trying to instill.

So the car doesn't have a buildup of junk, just a layer of dirt, pebbles, beads, rubber bands from loom bracelets, snack crumbs of various sorts, and who knows what else. Vacuum all that and in all the crevices; wipe all the surfaces; take the car through the expensive car wash; and the car will be looking as new as it can.

The cheap car wash looks like someone just smeared the dirt around and spit on it for the rinse.

The yard work today will be more of a struggle. I need to focus on one area instead of seeing the big picture. The big picture is just too much to take in right now.

Okay, as I've written this, Kris went back to bed. That's more normal for a Saturday morning now.


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