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Bunny Pictures & Needing Others

Nobody stands alone.

If you look at the social media landscape, through all your "friends'" photos and videos, you are likely to see the best foot forward of everyone. Only a weirdo would portray life as it really is.

So, we see all the new cars and houses and furniture and fancy food, all the wonderful Hallmark glimpses of life, all the ways each person seems to be living a solidly sculpted life.

So much of that is just a hologram. It's not real. The farther away you are from someone, the more put-together they seem.

I don't advocate airing dirty laundry. It's dirty and stinky for a reason.

Just bear in mind as you scroll through feeds, wondering how in the world everyone else seems to be so perfect, that under all the lipstick and filters are real humans.

Some people are hurting; some are broken; some have been through unbelievable fires. Some have scars hidden around those laugh lines.

Some are there, having gone through something awful, looking back to see who they can help through the same sort of trial.

Some people are genuine rays of sunshine and hope, always drawing out something positive, even when they are going through hard times.

Nobody has a perfect life, and that's fine.

We are on this earth to help others, to bear one another's burdens, but part of that is being willing to seek and accept help when we need it.

Life was never meant to be lived alone behind a façade. If you're going through something hard, reach out for help. If you've been through something hard, look to see who you can help.


To keep from being completely melancholy today, here's a recent picture of Ginger Snap the Fluff Nugget. She loves the teepee Kara made for a school project. Kara made it to withstand minimal jarring at school, but Ginger Snap had it chewed down in no time. We have since reinforced the supports of the teepee so she can enjoy her little hidey hole and box. It's one of her favorite places to nap.

The original teepee still standing

A sad-looking teepee after an afternoon of bunny


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