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Bunny, $99 Milk, and I Finally Painted the Closets

We're far enough into a new year that lots of goals have already be derailed or abandoned.

I don't have specific goals for a new year, except as it pertains to real estate. All the personal goals I have come to me at any time throughout the year, and I start working on them right away instead of waiting for the perfect time (aka New Year's, next Monday, next month, tomorrow).

There's no time like the present just to get going in the right direction.

New Year's Day then becomes a nice day to shovel down the rest of the sugar cookies and egg nog.


Leo the bunny has taken well to his new home at our new house. He had to be locked in his big crate for a time until the house had enough junk put up that he could roam.

By the way, he is litter-box trained, so the icky part of keeping animals at least is all contained in one designated place.

He's found his favorite corners; he likes to run around on the rugs; and he's found one more favorite perch on my bed.

He plops down on the blankets as if he owns them. In his mind, he does own them. He has the mentality of a cat.

Bunny rabbit
Bunny's perch


My kids just roll their eyes when I say I'm running into the store for milk. $99 later, I came out with half a cartload.


I've had PAINT THE CLOSETS! on my to-do list since I moved into the house right after Thanksgiving. That little task is an obstacle to a well-ordered home since half the junk I have can't be put away until the closets are done.

So, goal number 1 this past weekend was to paint the closets... finally! Saturday, I woke up with all sorts of motivation--for everything but painting.

Do you know what I can do when I'm motivated in the wrong direction?

Polish the doorknob.

Yes, I polished the doorknob of the front door instead of painting closets.

On what planet does a polished doorknob become a priority? Only on the planet where I'm trying to escape what I really need to do.

I call it productive procrastination, although the productive part in this scenario is debatable.

Thankfully, I returned to Planet Right Direction today and, with the help of my friend R, got most of the job done. Kara's closet and a bit of the hall cabinet are all that is left.


I'm watching my children sleep. Today has had its ups and downs, calm and drama, kindness and impatience. But as I watch each precious child sleep, all the drama of the day melts away in such love for them.

Raising them is the hardest work I will ever do, and they're totally worth all the energy that has taken and will take in the future.

Good night, sweet children! I love you more than you'll ever know. Each moment we have is special gift from God, and I'm thankful every day to be your mother!


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