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Bunnies, Children, and Motivation

(This first section is what I wrote yesterday; second section is for today.)

Need motivation today?

This isn't the place for it, at least not the way the first part of this day has gone. I'm trying to turn the tide for the rest of the day, though.

Sinus pressure has rendered me almost worthless, but somewhere in the recesses of my soul is motivation.

Motivation can be imposed by a deadline. That panicky feeling never fails to get me moving.

Sometimes motivation comes from the squeaky wheel. Anything for peace. Anything within reason that is.

If the squeaky wheel is a child of ours, we run through parental parameters to see whether the squeak warrants attention. Sometimes, the squeak has to be set apart until the squeaking stops when the squeaker isn't particularly happy with the decision of the parents.

I also find motivation by thinking ahead of what peace there is by doing now rather than later. Put into more grown-up words, procrastination will bite you in the hiney.

Thinking of a peaceful home motivates me to work, or it might be more accurate to say the thought of the ensuing chaos of neglected work pushes me to move.

Caffeine helps, headache medicine helps on sinus pressure days, but most days motivation is just a total fabrication from nothing that somehow ends up fueling the day and making something useful.


Our bunny, Ginger Snap the Fluff Nugget, is doing her best to destroy the bottom of our Christmas tree. We have to watch her with the cords.

Here she is looking so innocent:

Bunny under Christmas tree
"This isn't the rabbit you're looking for."

Here she is not being innocent:

Bunny under Christmas tree
"Didn't the Force work the first time?"

She naps much of the day either on a vent, under the tree, or in her little teepee box. When she's not napping, she keeps us on our toes with her gnawing on whatever catches her fancy.

Tree needles and garland are especially tasty to her. Sparkle poo coming up. She needs to go back to shoe leather and cardboard.

The sunshine today is a welcome change from the gray weather we've had for several days. I'm watching the tree guys fell several trees in our neighbor's yard. Always an impressive sight to see how it's done.

Kal and Kara finish school mostly by noon now that they're on virtual learning. They love having more of the day to do fun things. Fun things such as house chores, mandatory reading from books likely to be banned soon because they teach history and civics and classic literature, music practice...

Actually, that was my list of fun things they get to do after school.

Today, the fun includes having some friends over in the afternoon. That will morph into trampoline time, fun screens, a bike ride, making a mess in the kitchen cooking treats, and non-stop bunny time by one of the friends who simply can't leave her alone.

That's fine with me. I love seeing my kids enjoy life and people.


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