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Bon Jovi, a Benefit, and... Hair

If you were driving north out of Indianapolis last night and saw and heard a mom in her 40s blasting out her favorite Bon Jovi song and singing at the top of her lungs, I have no apology to give. It was so fun. And it made me happy.

Now I'm sitting happily, working on the business of the day, and chatting with my office sister, C. And sniffing the delicious smells coming from the bakery next door.

Kal and Kara had a night off of mom last night while I went to a benefit. I put down a few boundaries, ordered pizza delivery, and left them to be self-governed for the evening. (Insert the "Eek" face emoji.)

According to their report later, they actually were self-governed and treated each other well. Since my house and children were still standing and apparently in good order, I believe the report.

The benefit I went to was a Justice For All celebration with the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic. They provide legal services for people who desperately need it but cannot afford it.

Check it out if you'd like to support a worthy cause that helps people.


Kal was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. I hope he'll let me say how proud I am of him. I know this means much to him.

My son. :)


The Guys and Dolls play went off very well. The group of people I met in that cast was like another family, given how much we could laugh and cry together. They celebrated with me for a special day that landed right during the performances.

It was a let-down once the very last show was done, and the cast party the next day was over... Sigh. When can we get back together?


Where one part of life ends or pauses, another takes its place. I can go to the group exercise classes again at the Y. Some of those workouts feel like a slow death, but they're effective.

Thank you to B and E that lead Dance Fitness, Barre, and other classes!


And one last thing: hair.

Hair is hard for me. Trying to get it to look like I didn't just wake up seems like a layer of hell for me.

I wish I could get it styled, then put enough glue in it to preserve it forever so I don't have to mess with it ever again in my life.

Can't do that, though. So most days, I just throw hair goop in this mop and hope for the best. But on the days I want to do something different, I found this straightening device.

I don't do product reviews usually... or ever. I have about 5 beauty products I like, so why go re-solve a problem I've already solved to my satisfaction?

On to the device, it brushes through and straightens hair at the same time. My hair just gets less curly, but Kara is loving how it works on her hair.

The brush we bought is the Remington Shine Therapy Heated Straightening Brush. (Just FYI, I'm not getting anything for linking to this. It's so you can see what I used.)

Here's a before (eek!) picture, super embarrassing, and an okay after picture. Not my favorite way to torture my hair, but doable on some days when I choose to fight nature and my curls.

Boo! Scared you!

Not so scary now

And one more last thing: what do you do when you need to celebrate a special day? Get dolled up in a party dress, and buy flowers.


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