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Bengals vs. Some Team in L.A.

I watched the Super Bowl game last night. Bengals vs. Lakers.

No, wait, wrong sport. Bengals vs. Rams.

I rooted for the Bengals since my brother-in-law likes them. I have no other remote connection to either team.

Rooted would imply I actually cheered when they scored, bet on them, or jumped out of my seat to help coach the team from my friends' living room. My rooting for them all stayed inside me except for one statement to one friend hoping they would win.

It was a good evening with friends. Super Bowl is really just another excuse to have excess amounts of food and some social time.

I slept through part of the game, yawned through the half-time show--thankfully, there wasn't any pole dancing this year--and enjoyed a couple commercials.

Concerts of that sort just don't do much for me. In-person, I just get claustrophobia and a headache since I can't control the volume.

Here's an idea nobody will go for: put a military band back out on the field and have a patriotic song sing-along. But then, I love any excuse to sing.


I picked up a door from Menard's. They're doing construction in the back part of the store, so there were walls of plastic everywhere.

The stretch of walkway between those sheets of plastic, back to the order pick-up area, started making me feel trapped. Floor to ceiling, not enough room for two people to pass if I came across anyone else that had the big hauler cart. Just a long, narrow tube that went on forever.

I'm not prone to anxiety, but I almost had to fight it for that stretch of time in the store. I'm starting to see that if there are limited exit options in a public place, then I start feeling trapped. That's also part of why I hate concerts or any other large gathering.

And on to the rest of the day. It's 8F-degrees here in Peru, Indiana. Thank you, Lord, for a warm house!


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