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Beautiful Hands

This morning looks different from other mornings: Kal and his buddy are asleep in the living room, so I snuck my computer out of that area and down to the family room. My, but it's cozy down here with the soft light of a lamp and the happy glow of the ceramic Christmas tree. Another string of happy lights surrounds the fireplace.

Plus, I have a comfy prop for my bum. It's just plain cozy.


One member of our family was distraught last night for cutting his/her fingernails too short. Too short to this member means no, or very little, white showing. Too short for me is blood showing.

Anyway, this distraught family member simply couldn't sleep last night thinking he/she had absolutely ruined his/her nails. Fighting a little frustration over what seemed so silly to me, I just had to realize that this was a very important issue to the distraughtee. (Totally made up that word.)

Attempts to refocus his/her attention on gratefulness just landed with a thud around me.

Finally, I just started talking about what makes beautiful hands.

I used to have very lovely hands 20 years ago. They look a little different now.

What makes beautiful hands, though, isn't on the outside, it's the heart behind what those hands are doing.

My daughter had beautiful hands as she helped our friend with her baby yesterday. That service made her hands beautiful.

My mother's hands are beautiful. She has given of herself to everyone around her for decades. She has served joyfully. She has been a caregiver to my late handicapped brother. She has comforted tears. She has cleaned up unbelievable messes. She has spanked us when we earned it. She has written notes of encouragement. She has sewn clothes.

Beautiful hands:

  • Help the needy;

  • Serve with gladness;

  • Make meals;

  • Dry tears;

  • Earn a living;

  • Give a gentle touch;

  • Help instead of harm;

  • Build and produce.

What about the elderly? Many just cannot move and produce the way they did in younger years. Their hands are beautiful from their years of service. And many of them now have hands:

  • Folded in prayer and supplication for others;

  • Writing notes or calling others to encourage them;

  • Passing on skills, stories, and wisdom to younger folks.

Honest work makes beautiful hands.

Kara just tried chamomile tea this morning. In her estimation, it tastes like bath water with a bath bomb in it.

I can't blame her. Tea is weird.


Happy last day of 2020! I hope you all have beautiful hands in 2021 and a blessed year.


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