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Baseline Clean

I talked a couple days ago about setting my priorities up to get done early in the day, not later. Though I was negligent in actually posting (please ignore the split infinitive there) yesterday, I did write early in the morning, and I read the Bible.

Today, I'm doing the same. Priorities first.

Also a priority? A minimum clean baseline for the house. Not museum perfect, but clean enough to make me feel like my mental space is clean.

I heard someone say recently that they feel like the state of their house. Perfect way to put it. I've felt that same sentiment since I was a teenager.

Clean house = calm mind. Chaotic house = chaotic mind.

So the Baseline Clean for me is dishes done, laundry going and that same laundry folded and put away, beds made, bathroom un-grossified.

BaselinePlus Clean is when I can add in the sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and windows. Needless to say, it's rare the entire house is clean all at one time.

In fact, BaselinePlus Clean happens in my imagination more often than real life. Sigh.

The next layer on the baseline system is when I throw in organizing on top of it. BaselinePlus Tetris. Organizing is adult Tetris.

Shall I talk about kids' bedrooms?

It's an excavation.

About once every 3 months, I have to excavate my children's rooms. While I try hard to keep up on room checks every day, at some point, I slip and the rooms start piling.

What do you find in kids' rooms? Where is the sick emoji face when I need it? Just use your imagination.

Needless to say, one child will be washing a few boogers off the wall. Sick emoji face again.

Well, the rooms are clean now, and we are back, once again, to daily room checks before they go to bed.


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