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ATM(om) and More

Child: "I need $20."

Mother: "For what?" Child: "I just need some money in case I need it."

Do they think I'm an ATM?


Pretty hat and a pretty daughter.

Kara and I made a hat. She chose the fabric, I cut out the pieces and sewed it. The perfect fabric for one of her friends.


Kara said with a horrified look and tone today: "Mom, don't ever do that again!" What had I done? Just a little wiggle, wiggle, shake, shake to some music. All of 2 seconds.


Also another Karaism: "I need more chap stick." This happens at every Target/Meijer/Stuff-Mart trip.

Once she had talked me into a new pack of 4 tubes of fancy petroleum jelly, she found the jar at home totally filled with perfectly good tubes of fancy petroleum jelly.

This is a picture just of what she could find in a few minutes. She has more in other hidey holes.

Chap stick
22 chap sticks and counting.


Kal, Kara, and I saw the most beautiful sunset last night on the drive home. It was much less brilliant by the time I found a place to pull over and take a picture, but we enjoyed it anyway. Kara is always pointing out the beautiful sunsets. I think she trained her eyes to see beauty.

Sunsets are never the same twice.


Follow me for more gardening tips.

It's only mostly dead. (The Princess Bride reference.) Poor plants come to my house to die.

"Come" isn't quite the right word. That implies the plants have free will and the capacity to move of their own volition.

It would be nearer the truth to say I kidnap plants to beautify my home, but they quickly shrivel and die. If they don't die quickly, they hang on to a "mostly dead" form of living.


I can't look.

Would you drink this swamp juice? I get the point of it, but no, thank you. I'll just eat salad instead.


Captian BunnBunn

BunnBunn likes to find a corner and be all cute. What this picture doesn't show are the times he's not cute. Mr. Chew Monster.

When I was cutting out pieces for the hat, BunnBunn hopped over to the scraps, grabbed a bit of fabric and scampered away with his prize to chew on it.


Now I'm finishing out a lovely Sunday filled with love and laughter with my children, and with others as the day went on.

There was a grocery store trip, another grocery store trip, a convenience store trip (to pick up the one thing I forgot), a bunny food trip, time at church, and lunch with the kids at Mr. Weinie's. Yes, it's a real hot dog joint in Peru, IN. Gets a laugh from all the out-of-towners.

Kal is looking forward to a fishing trip tomorrow, and Kara and two of her girl cousins are having a hen party at my house.

Life is beautiful.


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