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An Extended Christmas

Christmas is still going on in Wisconsin. Kara and I came to visit my sister, brother-in-law, nad their children.

We had to stop at the local Walmart when we got to town. Most of the remaining Christmas items were wiped out by 3:58 in the afternoon when we got there. Not that I wanted any more Christmas junk, except for the cherry cordials.

Those aren't junk, and it took all my willpower not to buy the entire rack that was left. Apparently, dark chocolate cherry cordials are not the local favorite. That's all that was left.

Dark cherry cordials
I'll take 340 of these, please.

I guess the extended feeling of Christmas is that week leading up to New Year's Day when real work in the business world may or may not be done.

I brought my bag of bricks, also known as my Responsible REALTOR® Mom bag, to Wisconsin with me. Real estate doesn't stop just because I'm out of town.

The bag of bricks includes a laptop, a huge red leather binder, various notebooks, and a clipboard. It equals the weight of about 15 bricks in my estimation. My estimation may be skewed, but I'm not testing it out.

Wisconsin had a nice bit of snow falling last night. The entire landscape this morning shone out in brilliant white.

My sister's house has hard floors throughout the downstairs. I may be the only over-40 lady who takes a running start and slides across the floor in stocking feet. It's still as much fun to do that as when I was a kid. Wheeee!

Kara and her cousins are great at being junior moms to my sister's newest baby. He's 3 months old and cute as a button. A real, live baby doll for them, complete with bodily fluids that erupt from time to time.


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