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An Almost Finished House

This doesn't always happen, but when it does, it's after I've written an entire post, along with lots of pictures.

What is it? loses my work. It says it saves it, except it's nowhere to be found when I need to recall it. And I'm not that computer illiterate.

Anyway, we now have all the boxes unpacked from the kitchen. As it was before, I had to be Elastigirl (from The Incredibles) to get around the heaping mounds of cardboard stuffed with...

What was it stuffed with? Dishes. And this is after I decluttered dishes from 2 moves ago, then from this last move.

You never know how much JUNK you have until you try to move it. I just love pretty dishes.

Here I am painting the cabinet that is to hold some of those pretty dishes. It's yellow because the pop of color makes me happy to see when I open the cabinet.

Yellow cabinet, painting

And here is a set of other pictures of the finished house. The wall color is Linen from Ace Hardware, and I think it's the Clark & Kensington line of colors.

I've never liked grays or any shade of beige--those colors look like storm clouds and dirt to me--so my happy neutral is the creamy linen color and bright white trim.

I made one exception for Kara: she really wanted the shade of gray Aunt S put in her house, so that is in her bedroom. She's welcome to like storm clouds if she wants.

You'll notice all the house is one color except Kara's room. I learned years ago that decorating a house was so much easier when every room flowed together in terms of color. This is what I like.

I also made the ceilings the same paint and color as the walls so we didn't have to be careful in all the corners.

If there are interior designer police in this audience, I'll just turn myself in. The ceilings are (gulp) satin finish.

Flat paint is supposed to go on ceilings. I don't want to keep seeing the remains of any spiders I smash on the ceiling long after they are deceased. I can't get anything to clean off flat paint.

Work still to do: finish painting the closets and cabinets, change out the wiring and all switches and outlets, install new light fixtures, replace some of the interior doors, replace/install screen doors that actually work, and (biggest one) install new windows.

The current windows are original. They look super cute and are super inefficient. Plus, they don't open. All are stuck or have been painted shut, and I just have to have some fresh air blowing through the house on good days.

So here you go: my imperfect and beautiful house!

Sun Room 1

Sun Room 2

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

Dining Room 1

Dining Room 2


Gray Bedroom 1

Gray Bedroom 2

Other Bedroom 1

Other Bedroom 2

Through Kitchen to Back Door


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