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An Allergic Reaction to Math; Plus Sad Local News

Math problem
Least common denominator rings a distant bell

Any other parents deal with a child hyperventilating over math? I do. The child in this incident had to be calmed down with a paper lunch bag to breath into.

Then we walked step-by-step through adding fractions with different denominators.

I realize some of you have already glazed over just reading anything about math. It's okay. I'm done now.

I like math, though, but I don't like trying to teach it. There's some sort of disconnect between my understanding, my apparently inadequate words and illustrations to explain it, and this child's enlightenment on the subject.

I didn't take up teaching as a career for a reason.

On the school topic, since the kids' teachers have Teams meetings on the computer every day to get every student's head on straight for the day, I figured I could do the same type of meeting. Not on MS Teams, but in the hallway outside their bedrooms as they insisted they already knew everything I was going to say.

Anyway, we did go over the expectations for the day after much ado. Anything to avert the predictable lapse in memory when it comes to all the various work that comes before play.

I'm close to having them sign and date my list of expectations every day before the day begins. Can't be any worse for results than what I have now.


Kara got to be a little mommy to her new cousin today. Baby A was here for a few hours, and Kara took right to holding him, feeding and burping him, and changing his diaper.

He didn't baptize me in spit up today, though he did a few days ago. I had a nice white, drippy splotch going all down my pants. It's okay; I've had enough baby mess of all sorts on me that I don't flinch anymore.

His nap provided me with the occasion to catch a few winks as well while the kids quietly read their assigned reading. Not from the teacher, but from mom.


My heart is heavy tonight at the news from earlier today that a local young man has been found deceased after missing for 1 1/2 days. Though I didn't know the man, I had enough acquaintance with his wife of almost 3 months to feel just absolutely heartbroken for this young lady and the families of this couple.

What impressed me, though, through this entire ordeal is the overwhelming show of community support and the search parties. Many locals posted all the roads they had covered to keep everyone informed. Searches went on well beyond the area he was believed to be in.

Everyone came together to search, then to cry when he was discovered.

Please, if you will, say a prayer for the people that loved him most.


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