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A Riveting Game of Baseball

C, from our office, took me out to the ball game tonight, along with her friend, J. Not my normal pastime, but I enjoyed it.

Don't ask me who was winning when we left during the 7th inning. I really just enjoyed the social aspect of it and the view from the party box.

It was REALTOR ® night for our association at the Kokomo Jackrabbits Stadium. It's fun to mingle with other agents, and chat with lenders and the closers from the title company. And if you're into 2 free beers and all-you-can-eat brats, that was good, too.

I'm not much of a beer drinker; in fact, one sip has always been enough to remind me why I stay away from it. But I did have one tonight that wasn't too bad. It's still not my drink of choice.

In case you're wondering, REALTOR ® is a registered trademark, and it is in all caps. I'm not just screaming it out to you from the page.

Off that jackrabbit trail, I also just enjoy people-watching. I know my children would say that's creepy, but they say that about everything I do, so the term has lost its weight. People are interesting.

One part I really enjoyed, everyone enjoyed, was the German Shepherd that would run out and pick up the bat when a home team player dropped it. Such a handsome fellow.

The riveting game of baseball

And now I'm a puddle. I turn into a puddle at night. Just mop me up and put me in a container. Sleep solidifies me back into a functioning human.


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