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A Never-the-Same-Twice Day with a White Castle Review

Kris and Kara this weekend

The components of this day were mixed; definitely different.

We started out having church at home this morning since all the buildings are closed right now. We just read through a portion of Scripture as a family and discussed it--the same as we do at other times and on days other than Sunday.

Kara set out some birdseed for our neighborhood fowl. We've seen lots of cardinals, nuthatches, something black, gray birds. I guess we should dust off the bird guide we have. Our uninvited guest was a squirrel, but they're everywhere out here.

The bird highlight this morning was a large, red-headed woodpecker that landed just outside our sliding door on the walnut tree. He was there long enough for me to call the kids over before he flew off to the neighbor's.

Kris sees owls out here sometimes, plus we're close to the river and the bald eagles that nest there.

The other parts of my day included the usual weekend scramble, on the day of rest, to reset the house. It needed major mommy attention. Everyone helped, so we finished about 5% of what I set out to do today. Oh well, that's 5% more than nothing. So we're on the positive side of accomplishments.

I know my to-do lists, real or in my head, are the product of an alternate universe. Still, it's something, a goal, to shoot for. "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." I forget who is credited with that quote, but it fits for now.

Kal burned a pile of burnables shortly after he insisted they wouldn't burn because of the light snow falling down. In the end, we had a nice covering of snow everywhere. It's March 22, but it looks like January 22. It's pretty anyway.

Kris had to run into work today. Mr. Emergency Management. Corona, the virus, is making him work almost non-stop right now. Corona, the beer, may be needed when this is all over. Anyway, he's handling the work like a pro.

In keeping with the great man he is, he thought of dinner long before it ever crossed my mind (which, for me, is about when I hear our clock strike 5:00). Mr. Kitchen Management to the rescue with White Castle sliders from the freezer section.

Well, my review of White Castle, having never set foot in the restaurant, nor eaten any take-out from the restaurant, yet having smelled the aftermath of one who had, is that it's mislabeled dog food. My kitchen carried the odor of dirty socks long after the sliders had slid.

Kara is smart. She wouldn't touch them.

We finished off the evening with a family movie, One Crazy Summer. It was the first time for the kids to watch it. Great laughs, and now they know who Uncle Frank is and why Kris and I say "One Million Dollars" like a radio announcer.


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