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2020 Doesn't Have to be Awful

Ginger Snap the Bunny made an appearance in Kara's class today. She was quite a hit with all the 5th-graders and was sporting her hot pink harness and leash. Quite a lady.

I brought her to school at the appointed time in her case. It looks like a suitcase with air holes in it. She's liking it for walks and other times when she's out and about.

The bunny out for a walk.

Kara and Kal took turns holding her as we walked around the neighborhood today. I had her suitcase, too, but she didn't need that unless we were around dogs.

Her personality is calm usually, but she also has a curious side to her. She is constantly stretching up to see what's there, sniffing here and there, running the length behind the sofa, testing her tiny teeth on whatever she can find, eating leaves, getting excited and leaving poo pellets.

We close off several rooms when she's out of her crate. Otherwise, she likes to go exploring, and then we get to find her trail in the kids' bedrooms. Think Hansel and Gretel except with poo instead of bread crumbs.

I'm thankful, though, she goes in the litter box almost all the time. She's been a good starter pet for this non-pet family.


This is Election Day. What a privilege it is to vote.

I voted early on Friday at the courthouse, mainly because I had other courthouse business, and I didn't want to put on a mask twice or risk something happening between then and today that would render me unable to cast my vote.

I'm not sure why that thought was on my mind, but in any case, I took care of business early. The voting station was busy even then.


I see memes everywhere alluding to how horrible 2020 has been. People say it in such a way that it's just understood and accepted that 2020 must be seen as a manure show.

I won't say it's been a cakewalk. That would be silly. I will say, though, that focusing just on the negative aspects of this year does no good for anyone.

What good has this year brought?

  • Clarity, for one. Who knew the 20-20 theme as related to optometry would be so relevant this year? I've had clarity in some issues that were hard for me to untangle before this year. I know I'm not alone.

  • Each day is a precious gift. Life itself is a gift from God, our Creator and Sustainer.

  • Remarkable innovation. As businesses and people have been forced to work around Covid fears, they have come up with solutions that will likely shape their businesses even after everyone stops being terrified of Covid. Outdoor eating in all kinds of weather? I'm up for it. I love being outdoors!

  • Booming industry for much of the country. Trucks, trucks, and more trucks on the roads. And loooooong trains, too. I just see that as a visual of a booming economy.

  • Jobs galore. Some jobs ended, but look at all the other ones available.

  • Industry returning to the U.S.

  • A renewed interest in outdoor activities, parks, and camping. Since travel plans changed for so many this year, many people just went camping and hiking instead.

  • New hobbies. Mask-making sparked a sewing interest in some. Down time with quarantine caused others to pick up baking, crafting, gardening, and all sorts of other hobbies.

  • On a national level, tremendous strides in peace and national security.

  • Many children rescued from human trafficking rings. My heart hurts for them and rejoices for their rescue!

There's more, that's just what I have in mind right now.

Focusing on the negative is like stepping in doggy doo on purpose, then complaining that everywhere you go just stinks to high heaven. That's nonsense.

Wash off the doo-doo, and smell the wonderful fresh air again.


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