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With Everything Going On

"With everything going on..." I'm sick of hearing that phrase.

What's going on is a destruction of our economy and businesses like mine. We need to be out working, spending, and living, and let herd immunity have time to take effect.

Plus, we need haircuts. Can't wait for Miss Jenna to be back in her salon.

Kal and I went to visit my brother Jordan's grave this morning. He couldn't sleep last night for thinking about it, so I told him we could go this morning. We both had a good cry.

Interestingly, my brother's death came just before the celebration of Jesus's death and resurrection. Today's graveside visit was a wide open opportunity to talk about Jesus with Kal.

This weekend will be strange: not going to church on Easter Sunday, not singing with the choir, not seeing people; but our hope is in the risen Savior. We can worship him anytime and anywhere, and we can celebrate his resurrection every day.

That is our ultimate hope.


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