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Walking Through 2020

2020 has been a stinker so far in lots of ways, but I am choosing not to make my attitude stinky along with it.

Besides the national news, riots, coronavirus, masks, and fears on all sides, we've had some personal issues that hit like a tsunami. Swimming through that is a test to my faith.

I've heard many comments from people about wishing 2020 was over already, and while I understand the sentiment very well, I want to find the good about this year.

Personally, I can attest to the principle that the difference between a good day and a bad day is the attitude. Bad things happen to everyone. So do good things! Just look for it.

Let's see:

  • Our bellies are full.

  • We have a house with utilities.

  • We have cars.

  • We have healthy children.

  • We have jobs.

  • We still have freedom in this country.

  • The USA is still the greatest country on earth.

  • Most importantly, we have the Lord.

And on that note, I keep returning to Psalm 27 about the Lord being our light and salvation, so who should we fear?


Storm clouds
Storm clouds on our walk

Today was a two-walk day. One was to enjoy nature just before the storm rolled in. The kids and I had a nice walk around half the neighborhood before we were overtaken by some friends in their golf cart who were also out enjoying a breeze before the storm.

They took Kal and Kara back to the house, because, by then, the thunder was threatening more. I and my umbrella kept on our walk around the big loop of our neighborhood and made it home before the major rain started.

The other walk was to decompress and have a little alone time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and just then, I needed to grow fonder.

During that time, I use all my senses in enjoying nature. Sometimes, that means smelling the horses nearby long before I can see them. I love seeing the colts running and kicking with all the energy in the world.

You know what? Those horses have no idea about all the fears and troubles we the people have faced in 2020. They just graze in their pasture, swat flies with their tails, and look up when we go by as if they're wondering what it is we're so afraid of.

2020 doesn't have to go down as the worst year. Why can't it be a great year?

God still makes the seasons come and go, the sun shine, the day and night continue right on time. In Him, I trust.


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