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T. G. I. Everyday

Fall trees in the park
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It's Friday today. Lots of people automatically think: T.G.I.F.--Thank God, It's Friday.

I thank God it's Friday. I thank Him for every day, though, not just this one. People everywhere are coming off a work week; plenty of other people are just hopping from one type of work to another.

Work is a gift to be able to do. While it's hard to be overloaded with it, just being able to move, think, speak, plan, market, teach, build, serve, or save lives is a blessing to do.

I woke up today in a warm home with electricity and running water, and my family sleeping safely. I have sewing work to do today, housework as well.

I'm able to think, move, and speak. I can see, hear, taste, and smell. Those are gifts!

Thank God for every day.

This is the day which the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. -Psalm 118:24 (Note: this is part of the Hallel, a section of special praise and thanksgiving, that is used during various Jewish holidays. In any case, I use the verse as a reminder that God makes every day.)


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