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Sink Full of Mayo Day

I guess this was Cinco de Mayo Day (May 5th). Whatever that is. I don’t pay attention to holidays past the ones we knew about when we were growing up. Nobody in our circle in the ‘80s talked about Cinco de Mayo, so it doesn’t seem like a valid holiday to me.

My sister passed on a meme that called it Sink Full of Mayo Day. Sounds yummy to me.

Sink Full of Dishes is more realistic, though.

Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (be with you), is growing on me. Not because I care about Star Wars. Well, I do like the love story that plays out between Han Solo and Princess Lei. If that wasn’t part of the story line, I would have no reason to watch it.

The love story is the only reason to watch any movie, in my opinion.

So, I’ll give a pass to Star Wars Day since I do know what that is, and I’ll snicker along with all the nerds that salute each other with “May the Fourth be with you” greetings that day.

How about other holidays? I could make up a few:

  • Mommy’s Day Off

  • Ikea Day

  • Someone Other Than Mom Does the Laundry Day

  • Donuts and Dancing Day

  • Phantom of the Opera Day

  • Pizza Day

  • Roadtrip Weekend

I know there’s already a holiday for everything under the sun. Maybe it’s because, deep down, we humans just love to celebrate and make our own fun one way or another.

I like it.


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