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Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim...

What if you could see the outcome of every decision you made before you made it? What if you could have a guaranteed outcome?

A discussion with a friend brought up this theme. Someone we know is very hesitant to step out into life, to discover new things, to make new memories and new choices.

As an older-than-this-person person (and hopefully wiser), I can look back on life and see that we sometimes can give too much weight to decisions. At the time, we're thinking if we choose this certain path, we must stick with it the rest of our lives.

Well, that's just baloney. Every single thing that we do has a stopping point: either when we stop voluntarily, we're stopped forcefully, or we die.

Jobs and homes fall into that category.

Those aren't permanent. They can help us grow and become more well-rounded.

What if (horrors!) you make a mistake? Are you doomed for all of eternity to live in the chains of former bad choices.


So, don't just wait for life to steer you onto a path because you never gave it more thought. You are free to make choices, to change paths, to enjoy new experiences, to learn new things.

Enjoy life!


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