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Make Good Choices

I first took note of this common saying when I would help in our son's first grade room. His teacher, Ms. Bishir, was always reminding her class to make good choices. I love that the way she said it made each child realize he was in control of himself ultimately.

Her advice to first-graders is just as applicable to adults. The entire book of Proverbs could be summed up as: make good choices.

Each day is full of choices, and we're free to make any choice we want to make. Pop or water? An hour on brain-rot screens or a book? Clean up the kitchen or take a nap? Think bitter thoughts or give the benefit of the doubt? Go into that tempting place or just stay away altogether? Save money for a purchase or go into debt? Build a conscious good habit or stay in an easy rut?

We can choose hundreds of different decisions a day; what we don't get to choose are the consequences that result. We can choose to nap after dinner and before dishes, but the food will have to be chiseled off later. We can choose to eat apple pie every day for a month, but our pants probably wouldn't fit at the end of it. We can choose to read anything but the Bible, but then Scripture won't pop into mind when it's needed for daily life.

Making good choices consistently over time will lead to good habits that will serve us well throughout our lives.


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