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Life Backwards

Pretty flowers... just because.

Something has to change.

I just restarted listening to podcasts this past week. Personal growth, business-related, etc. I used to listen all the time.

Then I stopped. I was busy surviving day to day, then establishing a new direction in life. I totally forgot personal growth.

Listening this past week has felt like revisiting an old friend. I've been so thirsty for it without even realizing the void existed.

You know what else fell by the wayside? Bible reading. I've been consistent most of my adult life to read daily, and I just forgot many days as I struggled to survive and redirect.

One of the podcasts I listened to spoke directly about making daily Bible-reading a priority.

So, that episode has reminded me of the need to make that a priority again, along with writing. Writing has been slipping, too, if I don't do it early in the morning. That's the entire reason I named it Five O'clock AM. Whether or not anybody ever reads anything I write, I do it for the sake of personal growth.

Morning, at least for me, is when I need to address the daily priorities before the circus here wakes up.

Yes, it's late tonight. Tomorrow is a new day to work again on those things which truly matter to me, and all that starts the night before by setting up the next day for success and by getting to bed early enough to be rejuvenated in the morning.


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