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Life and Coffee

Life is hard for everyone, we just all face different challenges.

I was watching Kal struggle with school issues. He is convinced my life is easy because I don't have to go to school.

The thought hit me that everybody, no matter how young or old, has difficulties.

My sister's baby is learning to crawl. When that hurdle is over, he'll learn to walk. It's not easy to fall down all the time and just get back up again, but a baby does it. Soon walking is easy, and they're on to a new challenge.

Life has a way of stretching and growing us all the time.


My electric percolator gave out. It used to brew a fine cup of coffee, and over the past few months, started brewing meh coffee instead. I've tried the vinegar. I think it's just past its useful life.

So in the meantime, I made a cup of nasty, bitter instant coffee. Sad morning.

This isn't some pathetic way for me to pretend life is so hard. It's my own fault; I do have other ways to make a good cup: French press, stovetop percolator, just pouring boiling water over grounds and straining them out...

Today, the caffeine from the coffee is all that I cared about.


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