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If You're On a Roll, Don't Stop to Eat One

I had someone in the shop today asking about my hours and when I take a lunch break. What popped out of my mouth, unplanned, is that when I'm on a roll, I don't stop to eat one.

Food, all the aspects of it, gets in my way when I'm just trying to get something done. It interrupts the thought process that goes ahead of what my feet and hands are doing. Getting back on track is almost impossible after losing time to any thought or preparation of food.

I have often used the excuse of needing a snack, by suddenly conjuring some hunger, when I'm really just procrastinating.

  • Start the dishes? Eat a snack first.

  • Tear into the dreaded project. Hmmm... What's in the fridge?

  • Balance the accounts? Can't do it on an empty stomach.

For me, I have to be aware of why I'm wanting to eat. Many times, it's just to put off the start of a task. (This mindset takes other forms easily: Facebook is common "derailer" of the day.)

The tricky part to all this is my family members still appreciate having real food at predictable intervals--mealtimes, in-between mealtimes, snacks, second breakfasts, elevensies. Having children old enough to make their own sandwiches and snacks is helpful.

Also helpful is making a menu and putting my crock pot to use early in the morning. That eliminates the pesky, eternal question of what in the world we're planning of dinner.

Back to the lunch break question: sometimes I take them. Other times, I just need to plow through work.

Don't try to stop me, or you'll get run over, and I may chuck a roll at you.


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