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From the Fire Comes Life

I've lately been mulling over the thought of wildfires. They scorch everything in the way, then two weeks later, new life is springing up out of the ashes. The fire was what the ground needed to be rejuvenated and to sustain new life.

I'm not advocating to set fire (figuratively speaking) to everything we know and cherish, but the trials of being forced to stay home by the state deity, are comparable to a wildfire clearing out the brush in our lives.

There will be new life. New growth will come, but the old junk might get burned up along the way.

I haven't missed the rushed mornings, the busy evenings of sports practices, the never-ending variety of deadlines, the un-restful days of rest.

I have a new appreciation for hopping in the car, cruising down the highway with the windows down.

I love PEOPLE. They flavor each day. Some good and some sour, but flavor all the same.

As for me, I want to use this opportunity to grow something new while cutting out the junk.


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