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Chopin or Savage Garden, Anyone?

Chopin is playing in the background while I type this. Actually, he is not playing. He is deceased. To be more correct, I am listening to a recording of his music played by somebody else.

I often play this Chopin IHeart Radio station for Kara to enjoy as she falls asleep. Tonight, though, Kal had another headache. Medicine never works because it comes right back out the way it went into him.

This Chopin station is part of what soothed him to sleep--and sleep is the only cure for him when he gets a headache. I've just kept it on all evening, because, guess what? It soothes me, too!

Handel's Messiah was my constant music every evening when I was single. It will always be my favorite piece of music, calming and soothing in a way nothing else can.

Music has a time-traveling effect on people. For me, I'll hear songs that were popular on the radio, from groups such as Savage Garden, when I was just out of high school and working at Korner Kurl (ice cream parlor) and Pizza Quik. Suddenly, I'll be transported back to those days, making beautiful banana splits and twirling pizza dough. I can still make a perfect twisty cone.

Time marches on, but music lives in our soul, keeping alive the days gone by.


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