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Bonfires and Mouth Fires

Another bonfire tonight

Kal helped our neighbors today with picking up sticks and brush around their yard. He hauled them to our brush pile, and we had a nice fire tonight.

I’m always amazed watching fires. We started it with the cardboard egg cartons which we placed in a few strategic places at the bottom of the pile. Those are the best fire starters.

It was roaring in no time. We added our own brush and dead leaves to the pile as the fire went on.

As we piled leaves onto the heap, they would flicker quickly, then smolder. Those are more tedious to burn—just a few at a time for best results.

One stick, for about two hours, refused to catch fire. I almost called it “Aaron’s Rod” before it finally did burn.

When all the big fire is done, and there are just embers, I’m mesmerized watching the hot glow move around the burning wood that remains.

Fires take fuel and oxygen. Deprive the fire of one element, and it burns out.

Naturally, James 3 comes to mind as I’m watching the fire. It’s the Bible chapter about how great a forest fire is kindled with one spark, likening that to the tongue which set off a huge fire of rumors, anger, gossip, and all sorts of mouthy sins.

I don’t have a great moral to this story—really just a reminder to myself to keep my mouth in check.


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