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A Happy List

Every once in awhile, I just list things that make me happy or put a smile on my face. Since I love lists, this is perfect for today:

  • Hearing my children laugh together.

  • Seeing them discover something new.

  • Kissing their stinky faces in the morning.

  • Hearing their cute voices on the phone.

  • Time with my family and friends. This is major in my life.

  • Our cute bunny.

  • Poppies, irises, lily-of-the-valley, roses.

  • A field of flowers.

  • Pretty coffee cups.

  • Freshly ground coffee.

  • Pastries.

  • Seeing a bride light up when her dress fits perfectly after I worked on it.

  • Pretty dishes.

  • Sunshine.

  • Country drives. Florida beach drives. Mountain drives.

  • The ocean.

  • Dolphins.

  • Feeling the warm summer air blow into the car as I'm driving down the highway. (Yes, the air conditioner works. I just like factory air.)

  • Drinking coffee on my deck in the early morning among the trees and birds.

  • Campfires.

  • Reading.

  • Sewing--when it's a project I want to do.

  • Designing and building anything.

  • Green, green, and more green. Green means there is life.

  • A good, lolly-gag stroll through Hobby Lobby or Ikea.

  • Beautiful houses.

  • Hugs from little ones. (That happened today from a little girl whose mommy was trying on a dress. Made my day!)

  • Seeing children play outside.

  • Palindromes.

  • Setting up Christmas things for my grandma.

  • Time at Grandma's house.

  • Flipping through the photo albums.

  • The organizer aisle of any store.

  • Tossing out junk.

  • Seeing people.

  • The color red.

  • The first bit of green in the Spring.

  • Hills full of fabulous color in the Fall.

  • Hearing beautiful music and singing.

  • Trying to sing.

  • Singing with a choir.

  • Looking at my grandpa's wood carvings.

  • Seeing other people succeed.

  • A clean house.

  • Seeing new sights, going on road trips, trying new adventures.

  • Walking and hiking.

  • Bike-riding.

  • Canoeing.

  • Hearing running water--in a place it's supposed to be running.

  • A soothing passage of Scripture.

  • Good smells in my house: candles, cleaners, clean laundry, fresh air, good food.

  • A high-flying, gigantic American flag.

  • Hearing or singing the National Anthem.

  • The brief moments my life feels orderly.

  • Tetris.

  • Solving problems.

  • Wind chimes.

  • Snuggling with my children on a rainy day watching a movie or reading books.

  • Cheesy Hallmark movies. I can't take much drama.

  • The smell of walnut wood when I'm working on it.

  • The thought of tomorrow and the ever-present hope it brings.

I'm leaving the blank bullet point because the list can go on indefinitely.

And good night!


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