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Why do I run a business? It would be easier to clock in somewhere and not take any worries home with me at the end of the day.

The winter season gives me time to reflect on all the aspects of my business. One thought I have to return to often is why I'm doing it.

It's not just because there's a need for it in my community.

It's not because I ought to do it.

Nobody pushed me into it.

It wasn't a grand revelation one day from Heaven.

So why do it?

I love it.

When a bride comes in, despairing that her dress ever will fit right, I (and my team now) fix it, and the smiles in the final fitting are worth all the work of making the dress right. I love making a dress fit perfectly.

Another "why" is the people I meet. "When you look for the good in people, you'll find it," to quote Pollyanna.

So many wonderful people have come through my doors, and each one has a story or something special about them. When clients are going through various difficulties, I can't help but cry with them. When something wonderful happens, I rejoice with them.

In any job I've had, and now this business, the people are the best part of it.

The overall satisfaction I have from my business carries me through the hard and frustrating times, the very early mornings, or very late nights, and the ups and downs.


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