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5:00 AM

It's actually 7:14 AM as I start writing this. Starting behind a little this morning. This is a rare morning I'm drinking HOT coffee instead of a sad, tepid cup that is my normal fare. I'm not above instant coffee when I just need something fast. It's gross.

My kids are still asleep. It's Christmas break. I couldn't fall to sleep last night when the idea for this blog, 5:00 AM, and just forcing myself to write for 10 minutes per day, came to me. Then I really wasn't going to sleep.

I have goals. Write 10 minutes/day. Be a better wife and mom. Be a better person in general. Pay off the house. Keep the dishes and laundry done. Build up more financial security. Raise my children to be good adults. Go on real dates with my husband. Be able to look back on my life when I'm old without regrets for my actions.

I know one of those is a real goal. It's specific and measurable. Everything else is a wish until I create timelines and marking posts for progress.

This blog is one step in the direction of accomplishing those goals. Starting now is the right time. New Year's Day is just around the corner. New beginnings. I don't really buy into that, though. Each day, each moment is a gift. Today is my new beginning.

It's 7:29. One goal accomplished for the day.


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