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2020 Blank Slate

I was staring at this computer wondering what to write; staring at a blank slate. It hit me that this day, and each day for this entire year, is a blank slate. We can write whatever we want on it.

Some things are not self-induced: layoffs, sickness, emergencies. You don't get to stop those things from happening. Everybody gets a taste of some of life's bitterness. But even then, you still get a blank slate.

You can choose how you spend your time--for building up relationships, furthering goals, enjoying life.

You can choose to leave a job/career that's just familiar misery. Embark on a new path that lights the fire in you.

You can choose to speak life-giving words instead of tearing others down with your mouth.

You can choose to eat good foods instead of junk. (Insert cherry-red blush here. Junk food tastes so yummy.)

You can choose to start/maintain good habits for bettering your life, physical health, financial health, and spiritual health.

You can make smart financial decisions by setting a budget, sticking to it, and staying away from people and places that derail you.

You can choose to say no to too many time commitments; yes to time with your loved ones.

You can choose how to respond to hurtful comments or misunderstandings.

You can choose righteousness over evil.

Life is full of choices. There's no end to the wonderful ways we can mark the blank slate of today and each day this year!


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