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The Prettiest Kitchens Aren't Used

The cleaner side of the kitchen
The cleaner side of the kitchen

The prettiest kitchens aren't used. That thought came to me as I was, once again, staring at the drip pans on my stove that were caked with burnt who-knows-what. I scrub those with steel wool, put them in the dishwasher, wipe down the stove regularly; but for all my efforts, our stove still looks like it's being used.

Because it is being used.

Until I buy new drip pans, my old ones will never look as pretty as they used to. The new ones may look pretty for two weeks before something burns on so badly, that it's never quite the same again.

BH&G isn't coming over to do a photo shoot--except maybe for how not to decorate. My refrigerator is the bulletin board for my children's artwork and pictures of family and friends. My "pantry" is two rolling carts from Ikea. (I love Ikea.) I'll have new cabinets someday with a pantry included. Right now, rolling carts are working, but they certainly would ruin a photo shoot.

The prettiest kitchens aren't used, but the best kitchens are flowing with love.

Love in the form of "Good morning, Sunshine!" said to a child who wanders in with bed head. Love in the form of shared meals and cups of coffee (or pop for my friends who don't believe in drinking coffee). Love in the form of conversations and games. Love that smells like chocolate chip cookies.

I'll take that any day over a pristine, unused kitchen.


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