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Moving Through a Slow Week

Mascot of the week.

Is there a drive-through for fast motivation?

I really can't force myself to misspell through. It makes my hair stand on end to see misspellings, and the only ones I'll endure are those done on purpose for a purpose. Reading through Facebook posts and emails makes my hair look like I'm the closing link to an electrical circuit.

Hi, I'd like a super-duper cup of motivation today, along with a check-the-done-list sandwich. Thank you very much.

Maybe it's just the slow pace of the week between Christmas and New Year's that is making me feel like a slug.

Actually, a call to one of my sisters usually pulls me out of the slug funk. I start laundry, make the bed, wash dishes, and sweep the floor while telling them all about being unmotivated. Sisters, stand by.


Kal cracks me up. Out of the blue, he asked if Superman's fingernails can be clipped. I guess I just don't know the answer to that question.


Sugar Sports 2020 is almost over. I'm ending it on New Year's Day with head-start today by cutting it way back. We have eaten pounds of sugar and have to wear the stretchy pants to go with it. Time to get back on track. Take that as a pun for exercise as well as its face value.

No apologies for puns.


My sister and her baby lit up my day yesterday with a visit. I'll never tire of holding babies. The bottle feeding, the baby bounce, the patting... All that comes back in an instant. Like riding a bike, it never goes away.

He was cuter than cute sucking his wittle fumb and kicking his legs. He's only a few months old, so he still just stays where you put him. No rolling, sitting, or crawling--yet.


As the end of the year comes, I am compiling the beginning-of-the-new-year list. January jobs include:

  • Culling all the files and paper junk that have accumulated through the past year;

  • Gathering all the tax information;

  • Reviewing all the life information and making sure it's in one place if I/we kick the bucket. That would be wills, insurance policies, bank information, deeds, titles, other account information, passwords, and any other information an executor would need. Also make sure the executor knows where to find this box or drawer. Morbid thought, but necessary;

  • Buying all the birthday cards for the year (this is still a dream in my head; I've only met people who do this, not actually done it myself).

Okay, time to call my sisters and actually do what I've set out to do today.


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