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Making Sunshine For Others

Pizza from Mrs. G.

Mrs. G made my day yesterday. She came in with her daughter for a dress fitting, and in the course of her time there, found out that I mainly just forgo eating and everything else during an in-shop day because I'm just focused on plowing through work.

She popped in later with a Papa John's pizza, fruit, drinks, cookies, and Reese's cups for fun!

She's who I want to be when I grow up. Her thoughtfulness inspires me to look out for those I can help or encourage throughout my day.

I'll start with my own family looking for ways to build them up. It's too easy when we live with someone to see all they do wrong or to find fault even when it isn't warranted in real life.

Kal has often called me out for coming down too hard on him, and I'm ashamed to say, he's right. I have many times let the frustrations of dealing with a different personality manifest in harshness toward him.

So, with that resolve to look for ways to be kind and generous, I'll move forward today.

Today is filled with alteration appointments and some time with friends tonight. Kris has been on vacation (staycation) all week, working on home projects and doing fun things with the kids.

I do fun things with the kids, too, if you count going to the dentist as fun. They had cleanings yesterday and had good reports from the hygienist.

So much of life is what you make of it. Going to the dentist is just that--going to the dentist. But we had some great conversation on the ride there. I held Kara in my lap during Kal's appointment. I sat with Kal at the kiddie picnic table and worked on a phone game with him during Kara's appointment.

The sun was shining, and outside felt great.

I met a woman at the dentist office who had the most fabulous shoes, navy blue high heels with colored squiggles and designs all over. Not a normal, boring high heel. She finds fun shoes wherever she finds them, and wears them for dental appointments and anywhere else she's going in the day.

So, like I said above, so much of life is what you make of it. There's fun, goodness, and sunshine when you just look for it. Or make it for someone else.


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