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Your Life Has Value

Your life has value
Your life has value

Sunday was yard work day and another attempt by me to grill food, but it also included coffee and a campfire with Kris this morning, and another tonight as we ate our burnt dinner. You'll hear about that in a bit.

Kris worked all day in the yard and on the woods, chopping up dead trees, burning more brush. We now have an impressive stack of firewood and kindling from that effort. And our woods looks more tidy. I like that.

In one of my attempts to show some appreciation, I tried to grill. He got the least-burned pork chop. I gnawed on one that reminded me of shoe leather, and the kids had burnt, blistery, black hot dogs with only a small number of complaints.

My brother took a bookcase off our hands that has no home in our home. Our house is laid out in such a way, we can't have just any ol' bookcase. Built-ins would be best. Those are about 523 on our list of home improvement projects for our project house.

A couple kid buddies came over to spend the night with our kids in the tent. I'll be keeping an ear open for them all night; plus, I'll probably sneak in a time or two to heap even more blankets on them. If I'm cold, it stands to reason that they need a blanket.

Jumping in fancy dresses
Jumping in fancy dresses

After a day of riding bikes, playing on the trampoline (the girls in froo-froo dresses), and running back and forth everywhere, I haven't heard a peep coming from any of the kids. Sleeping kids make me forget all the frustrations of the day.

Kara and her friend added changing into different dresses 10 times to the list of activities that wore them out. I will look at her room tomorrow. I don't have the strength for it tonight.


Your life has value.

I heard this saying on a radio show recently, and it is sticking with me. Many people lose hope in any redemption of themselves if they make bad life choices or if they regress back into old, destructive habits.

The radio show host was listening to a man who had regressed into a destructive habit and was losing all hope that he could be better when the host repeated several times, "Your life has value."

Your life has value.

The story of George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life comes immediately to mind when I think of this. We have no idea the number of people we affect in a positive way throughout our lives.

Nobody's life is an accident. Nobody's life is beyond redemption.


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