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Well, Well, Well

"Mom, there's no water!"

That's what I heard while Kal was taking a bath. Sure enough, there were only a few drips left in the faucets as they drained out quickly.

A quick search of Mr. Internet, and I went out to check the breaker box. I didn't even know there was a switch for the pump. You learn all sorts of things when you're forced into it by having to solve a problem.

When you're on a well, you have to check the breaker box. City water is different. If you don't have water when you live in the city, you either forgot to pay your bill or the whole town is out of water.

But the easiest fix didn't do it.

So... I went out to check the well head. Are sparks supposed to fly when I remove the cover?

No, they're not, but they do when there is a bad wire. Something shorted, and I was left staring at the burnt end of a wire, very much out of place. It looks like a thick, three-strand wire where one of the strands popped out and fried itself.

So, the breaker is off for the night while we just go to bed. There's nothing to be done right now except to avoid any activity that involves water usage. We'll call the well guys tomorrow morning.

Home ownership is full of fun and excitement.


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